Your weather data has value. Now you can get paid for sharing it.

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Your Data Has Value


Collecting location data

Data collected by the EarthData3 blockchain system is combined with other curated weather datasets, where rigorous quality control algorithms produce a precise view of current conditions. Individual data providers are vital to this process and EarthData3 enables data providers to earn rewards based on the relative value of their data to the network. Data providers are paid for providing data through a reward token model.


Monetizing data

Weather information is accessed from the EarthData3 blockchain by using tokens which provides liquidity to for the reward tokens earned by individual data providers. Organizations need and value the data through a range of products and services. There is a growing demand for more and better weather data in the commercial sector, including energy, agriculture, transportation and many more. EarthData3 provides a mechanism for qualified and verified producers of that data to share in the revenue.


Rewarding better data

As the network grows, data providers will compete to provide the best quality data at the sensors' location. The reward model will value the best quality data through the quality control algorithms run on validator nodes. The reward model will be weighted towards data providers that are providing the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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