Our Coastal Partners

Savannah Pilots

Savannah Pilots rely on TempestOne Enterprise to access reliable wind and weather observations and high-resolution forecast data. The TempestOne Ops Console provides them with vital data for decision-making to aid them in safely piloting cargo ships up the Savannah River and into the Port of Savannah. The Savannah Pilots data package also includes the operation of an over-water premium weather station to provide them with critical real-time weather data as vessels approach the river entrance.

United States Navy

The United States Navy utilizes TempestOne Enterprise services in many of its training units across locations in the Pacific Ocean and Chesapeake Bay. Their TempestOne Enterprise solution allows Navy meteorologists to rely heavily on observational data from custom-built over-water premium weather station networks.

Duxbury Yacht Club

The Duxbury Yacht Club utilizes TempestOne Essential for both club operations and for use by its individual members.  This package provides the club with access to the TempestOne Ops Console and participating members with access to the same rich TempestOne dataset through our Lifestyle Apps, including real-time weather observations from both the club docks and over-water in Duxbury Bay.

United States Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard has a longstanding partnership with WeatherFlow-Tempest. TempestOne Enterprise - including real-time observations from some 150 remote weather stations mounted upon USCG aids to navigation and forecast data from the high-resolution Tempest Real-time Refresh Model (TRRM) - is provided to the USCG for critical lifesaving Search and Rescue Operations. The solution is also utilized to enhance situational awareness of many USCG Boat Stations and Aids to Navigation teams.

Be Prepared for the Demanding Coastal Environment

Tap into decades worth of experience monitoring and forecasting the microscale weather impacts to enhance your ability to navigate through ports, harbors, and near the coast. Integrating this experience with real-time data from our Coastal Mesonet and our exclusive Tempest Real-time Refresh Model, we’ve experienced unparalleled success with generating highly accurate location-specific forecasts for many of the world's most complex coasts, such as the San Francisco Bay, Hampton Roads VA, Boston Harbor, and beyond.

How it works


Step 1: Request your free TempestOne Enterprise trial

Enhance your situational awareness and readiness with our high-density Tempest Weather Network including data from the WeatherFlow ProNet, our industrial-grade coastal weather station network. Access online, in-app, or within your existing ecosystem via API. Give yourself and your organization's decision-makers the comprehensive weather information needed to thoroughly prepare for anticipated impacts.


Step 2: Install TempestOne Weather Systems

Enhance the Tempest Network available to you by installing weather stations where you need them. Expand the network in and around your port, harbor, or coastline. Collaborate with your coastal constituents to install stations at their homes, docks, and other opportune locations. Deploy our flagship TempestOne Weather System – featuring 5-minute installation and dramatically improved forecasting and hazard prediction – at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.


Step 3: Add enhanced Lightning Safety

Right out of the box, each TempestOne Weather System will notify when lightning enters the area. Level up by adding professional Tempest Lightning Network data and alerts to ensure safety in outdoor areas and anticipate service interruption. Map lightning strike locations, get lightning alerts and all clear notifications, access detailed strike data, and even verify past lightning strikes.


Step 4: Get premium WeatherFlow ProNet solutions

The Tempest Network is an amazing and robust dataset available to you. And deploying additional TempestOne stations only adds to this rich source of data. But we fully understand that you may need a step above - a WeatherFlow ProNet station or network. These industrial-grade premium weather stations can be deployed in many of the most remote locations, ready to endure the harshest elements. Work with us to deploy these stations exactly where you need them.

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