Deploy a Community Weather Network

High winds, heat stress, lightning, sub-zero temperatures, and ice storms are just a few of the weather impacts that can be managed to better serve commercial and residential customers when weather becomes a factor.

We deliver neighborhood-level weather data necessary to help utilities anticipate demand, mitigate risk to infrastructure, and restore service as quickly as possible after impact, all while considering the safety of field crews during significant weather events.

Help your customers save energy

We enable our partners to offer their customers an exclusive $50 savings on the purchase of a Tempest Weather Station for their home or business. While customers use Tempest to save energy and monitor personal threats, utilities use TempestOne’s display or API to access customer station data and make better-informed decisions around impactful weather.


Step 1. Grow your network

Deploy TempestOne Weather Stations where you need data
Purchase one or more Tempest Weather Stations and deploy at any of your facilities or other accessible locations.

Offer Tempest Weather Stations to your customers at a discount
Offer your customers/members a $50 Instant Energy Rebate on a Tempest Weather Station for residential or commercial use.

We'll help you market your program!


Step 2. Access Everything

Extract real-time weather information down to neighborhood-level. Access new and existing TempestOne data online, in-app, or within any ecosystem via API. TempestOne leverages Nearcast™ Data, an enormous dataset with precision forecasting, alerting, and decision support that allows decision-makers to better anticipate weather impacts.


Step 3. Benefit from Lightning Safety

Right out of the box, each Tempest Weather Station will notify when lightning enters the area. Level up by adding professional Tempest Lightning Network data and alerts to ensure safety in outdoor areas and anticipate service interruption. Map lightning strike locations, get lightning alerts and all clear notifications, access detailed strike data, and even verify past lightning strikes.


Step 4. Inform and Protect

We have designed a system that works seamlessly as a standalone network or as an integrated solution through advanced API capabilities. Our goal is the same as yours, enhancing the safety of others, protecting critical infrastructure, and helping you manage your operations on a day-to-day basis. We’re here to answer any questions you may have.

Turnkey Marketing

We provide turnkey marketing materials to help you promote Tempest to your members/customers. WeatherFlow-Tempest handles order fulfillment with no charge to our utility partners. Partner examples:

Powder River Energy Corporation

Get paid for your data and help conserve energy In Wyoming.

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Florida Keys Electric Cooperative

Save 10% on utility bills with simple smart home integrations.

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Built to scale, your Tempest micronet grows with you, ensuring you know what happened yesterday, what is happening now, and accurately predicting weather in advance of impact.

TempestOne Weather Station

starting at $389

per unit

Build your own weather network. Bundle discounts available.


  •   7 sensors including sonic anemometer
  •   Simple to deploy, maintain, and instantly network

Nearcast™ Data and Display

  •   AI-powered point-specific forecasting
  •   Historical data - daily high/low
  •   Single user Tempest App access
  •   API Access to your Tempest(s)
  •   TempestOne trial available
  •   Proximity lightning detection
  •   License for commercial use

Business Premium

  •   Priority support
  •   Extended burn-in and testing
  •   Commercial Warranty
  •   Expert Meteorological Consulting available

Nearcast Data and Business Premium Service included for one year ($60 value)

Buy Now

Bulk pricing


starting at $999

per year

Level up your Tempest weather network with pro services designed to inform and protect.

  •   Discounts on Tempest Weather Stations
  •   Premium warranty and support on Stations
  •   Nearcast data and display
  •   Multi-location, AI-powered location-specific forecasting
  •   Historical data - 5-minute data
  •   Single or multi-user access
  •   API Access to all data from all Tempests
  •   Tempest data use in third-party software
  •   Map all owned Tempest Stations and Observing Network Data
  •   Multi-model premium spatial forecasts
  •   Expert Meteorological Consulting available
  •   Precision lightning strikes and alerts
  •   Priority customer support
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