TempestOne is a platform solution that empowers your organization with decision tools informed by accurate weather observations and forecasts. Leverage the massive curated data set generated by the Tempest Network and our exclusive AI-powered Nearcast™ technology. The result is a premium product suite with unparalleled accuracy in situational awareness and short-term forecasting designed to help any size organization.


TempestOne Web App

Meet your go-to weather decision tool for day-to-day operational guidance, where you can access and act upon precise observational data and forecasts for your defined locations, all driven by our Nearcast technology. Our comprehensive weather data includes lightning, wind, rain, temperature, and more. Create custom weather thresholds that deliver organization-specific notifications to your team.


TempestOne API

Integrate Nearcast weather data into your own decision tools with ease. The TempestOne API provides full access to real-time data and forecasts. Easy to use and flexible, it’s the same API powering our apps and other decision tools.


Tempest Weather Stations

Self-deploy or partner with your existing customer base to add weather stations and build your own local network. Partnering offers a cost-effective approach that enhances site-specific data and forecasts at locations important to you. We’ll help jumpstart your custom network with a co-marketing program!

At the foundation of TempestOne

The Tempest Network is an extensive set of curated and quality-controlled data from sources that include more than 45,000 Tempest devices, 80,000 public sources, and 90,000 licensed data points. Also included are exclusive WeatherFlow Networks ProNet sites, the Tempest Lightning Network, plus countless more public and proprietary observations and data. 

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Nearcast technology is our proprietary high-fidelity data analysis and forecasting capability that provides advanced quality control and metrics, numerical and AI weather prediction, and continuous machine learning that then trains the analysis and prediction systems.

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Solutions we've created around our unique data:


Deploy precision weather stations at key locations while providing easy access to actionable data for community stakeholders – including fire, emergency management, school districts, and storm/wastewater departments.

Energy and Utilities

Leverage your existing customer base to deploy Tempest Weather Stations, then monitor the weather in real-time to mitigate the risk of interruptions and forecast grid load.


Our specialized team of forecasters has unparalleled success at generating highly accurate point forecasts for some of the world’s most challenging locations.

Integrated Partners

Partner with us to add value through data integration that supports your application or service.

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Custom Weather Solutions

TempestOne utilizes powerful tools that are customizable to meet organizational needs. Our team of atmospheric and data scientists, engineers, programmers, and meteorologists can create highly custom solutions specific to the unique environmental challenges your organization faces. This includes solutions that require additional industrial-grade weather sensing.



starting at $999

per year

Level up your Tempest weather network with pro services designed to inform and protect.

  •   Discounts on Tempest Weather Stations
  •   Premium warranty and support on Stations
  •   Nearcast data and display
  •   Multi-location, AI-powered location-specific forecasting
  •   Historical data - 5-minute data
  •   Single or multi-user access
  •   API Access to all data from all Tempests
  •   Tempest data use in third-party software
  •   Map all owned Tempest Stations and Observing Network Data
  •   Multi-model premium spatial forecasts
  •   Expert Meteorological Consulting available
  •   Precision lightning strikes and alerts
  •   Priority customer support
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